Kansas veteran Michael Judie looking for fellow 1st/28th members.

Michael Judie, center. 

Kansas City area veteran Sgt. Michael Judie is fighting the VA for benefits. He served in the Army from 1976 to 1881 with the 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, Black Lions.  He was discharged  at Ft. Riley, Kansas. After spending a good deal of time on the west coast in the security business, he return to the Kansas City-area where he grew up.

Mike enjoyed his time in the Army. But he got banged up a few times while he in, and now the results are starting to cause him some troubles.

Mr. Judie did his basic training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, in 1976. During a basic training exercise, Mr. Judie participated in a course that included a demolition pit. As he passed by the demolition pit, an unexpected explosion occurred.

He later spent time as a squad tactical trainer at the rifle range at Ft. Benning Georgia in 1979.

In 1980, he participated in a brigade training exercise at Ft. Drum, New York.  It was extremely cold and wet in the field and Mr. Judie was actually evacuated and treated for hypothermia and exposure.

That same year he was serving as a Track Commander in an M-113 armored personnel carrier. During an exercise, the driver took the M-133 over a small bluff. They dropped about 10 feet and when it landed, everyone was thrown about.  The hatch struck Mr. Judie on the back and his mouth hit the butt-stock of the .50 caliber gun, knocking his teeth loose.

Mr. Judie is trying to prove to the VA that some of these events occurred, especially the cold winter in New York and the M-113 accident.  If anyone who remembers Mike or some of the events that the VA won’t believe happened, please give me a call or reach me through the feedback button on this site. The number to reach me at directly is 877.VET.WINS.


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