Congrats to Kansas Army Vet

Photo courtesy of Mr. Burnett.

Jim Burnett is a Kansas veteran who served in the Army in field artillery, stationed in Fulda, Germany, in an area known as the Fulda Gap.  He got out in 1977.  At the time he left the Army, his hearing was damaged.  He started driving trucks, and he coped with hearing loss and ringing in his hears as best he could. It was not until 35 years later he learned that the VA compensates veterans separately for ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus.

Mr. Burnett continued to pursue VA compensation even as he had to give up his job because he could not do it safely anymore. He tried to obtain the VA’s Individual Unemployability benefit (TDIU), but ran into roadblocks.

“The VA makes it as hard as possible for Vets to get anywhere fair in the claims maze,” Mr. Burnett said. “When I got denied my TDIU claim, I was ready to give up.”

But the benefits his children stood to receive motivate him to keep trying. He knew his daughter could eligible for college tuition help if he could secure the higher rating he deserved.  He contacted Brown & Curry’s team, and placed his case in their hands.  After years of fighting, he was finally able to win.

Brown & Curry congratulates Mr. Burnett on winning – his victory was well earned.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Burnett

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