Jesse Barnes is a Korea Agent Orange Vet

Jesse Barnes is a Vietnam-era veteran who is fighting for Agent Orange benefits.  His problem: Like many other soldiers who were stationed in Korea, the VA has left them behind. There is no presumption for many units who served in Korea, especially support units, even though they served in the same areas as the combat units where the VA concedes Agent Orange was used.

Mr. Barnes served in Company A of the 76th Engineer battalion from May 1969 through June of 1970.  He drove trucks, built MSRs and operated an asphalt plant.  His company was stationed at Camp Brown but he was TDY’d to Camp Giant on at least one occasion.

Mr. Barnes recalls delivering supplies into the DMZ on at least three occasions.  He drove across the bridge and through the barrier. He remembered that he had to carry his weapon on these deliveries. He also remembered seeing the brown vegetation along the fence where herbicides had been used.

I’m working on getting a picture of Mr. Barnes in uniform, but until then, here are few shots of the camps where he was stationed.  I would like to credit the photographer, so if anyone knows the source of these photographs, please clue me in.


Mr. Barnes now lives in Kansas City, Missouri.  He is happy and active in his church, but he is always battling medical issues that have been linked to Agent Orange.

If anyone recalls serving with Mr. Barnes, or Company A, or even at Camp Brown or Camp Giant, please contact me. Your information could prove the difference in Mr. Barnes’ case!




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