Vet Medical Care

They’re Doing Something About It…But Will It Work?

Politicians are crossing party lines this week to help protect and defend those who have already done just that for our country–veterans. As we have learned in recent weeks about the appalling secret wait-lists for veterans and related deaths, congress

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VA Medical Center in Kansas City
Vet Evaluation Delays

Vets forced to endure extreme wait lists

As light was shed on the VA’s secret waiting list in Arizona, audits began nationwide and found that veterans in the Midwest has also been victimized by power-plays at the Veterans Affairs Administration. It was recently revealed to Kansas senators

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VA Wait Lists

The VA’s Secret Wait Lists.

The VA has all hands on deck as they scramble to deal with the fallout from the revelation of veterans dying not knowing that they’re on  the secret wait lists. I once represented a veteran who waited more than 200

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Vet Evaluation Delays

Vets face avoidable delays

Veterans are dying because of avoidable delays they face in the VA health system. Congress keeps with the back and forth. Shinseki continues to speak highly of his organization. But where is the action, the change Veterans need? Hopefully Representative

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VA Officials

VA officials need to go.

VA Bureaucracy “Run Amok” The House Veterans Affair Committee is ready to get rid of the senior officials responsible for the backlog that plagues the VA through a new bill needing presidential backing. But how soon will the proposed bill

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Vet Backlog

Momentum has slowed on reducing VA backlog.

I suppose we knew this was coming: Veterans still waiting 14 months on average for a decision. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the VA’s push to reduce the backlog worked initially, but has since slowed. I know veterans in

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Lost VA Records

Looks Like They Lost Even More Records.

Truck spilling contents, from the Boston Public Library. National Personnel Records Center Loses More Records It’s a special kind of disappointment when the VA insists you prove your claim using records they lost. Now it may even prove harder. An

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