Agent Orange on Okinawa: Two Veterans Are Getting Closer to the Truth

15 exhibits showing Agent Orange was on Okinawa. The evidence is starting to pile up….

Juan Santiago and Ron Frazier are two veterans who served in Okinawa in the 1969-1971 time period.  They were both stationed at Camp Schwab.  They were both in the Marine Corps.  They are both fighting to prove they were exposed to Agent Orange.  Fortunately, enough veterans are coming forward with statements and documents showing that Agent Orange was indeed present on Okinawa throughout the 1960s, that these two men stand a good chance of proving their exposure.

I’ve currently submitted 15 pieces of evidence to the VA Regional Office in Wichita, Kansas, and the VA Regional Office in Montgomery Alabama, in an effort to convince them that Agent Orange was on the island, and at Camp Schwab.

Some great news-reporting from Jon Mitchell is leading the way. Both Mr. Santiago and Mr. Frazier may be appearing in a Japanese documentary regarding dioxins on the island.

I’ll be posting some more pictures provided to me by Juan Santiago of Camp Schwab and Okinawa, but for now, here is a recap on what Mr. Santiago and Mr. Frazier remember.

Ron Frazier. Photo courtesy of Mr. Frazier.

Ron Frazier operated Am-Tracs that he parked outside of Camp Schwab at night.  He saw Agent Orange drums stacked up for storage. He also servicemen spraying herbicide around the camp. He also recalls the barrels loaded up on ships such as the one in this photograph.  Ron was an avid photographer while in Okinawa.  He would climb down and follow the creeks around Camp Schwab taking pictures of animals.  Unfortunately, he lost almost all of his pictures when he moved from Arizona.

Juan Santiago drove a crane and maintained generators at Camp Schwab.  He moved Agent Orange barrels using an all-terrain forklift.  He sprayed the chemical around camp equipment for weed control.  He also remembers mixing the chemical with diesel fuel.

If anyone has information that can help either of these two veterans, please contact me through  Thanks again.

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